What are we aiming for?

I originally wrote a much longer blog post but it was just too ranty, so I’ve kept it shorter and more for thoughts and questions. On my drive home the other evening I saw a dead koala by the side of the road next to an area of previous native bush, freshly cleared for a housing estate. So I’m angry and depressed.

There’s been a lot of publicity about coal seam gas (CSG), global warming and other environmental issues, but it seems ultimately that both major political parties support ongoing population/economic growth to the explicit detriment of the environment. I’ve been following the excellent series of articles in The Conversation on species under threat of extinction in Australia. It makes for quite depressing reading, but there’s one article that really drove home the almost sheer hopelessness of what humanity is doing to the planet: this article on the Leadbeater’s Possum. Here in Queensland, we have Campbell Newman reportedly advocating a position that the protection of koalas should not come at the expense of economic development through mining.

It seems to be, given the fact that we can’t (don’t want to) stop ‘iconic’ species like koalas and Leadbeater’s from being pushed to extinction, let alone the countless other animals, plants and insects that you’ve probably never heard of, that ‘sustainable development’ is the biggest load of bullshit ever shovelled. Even the environmentally useless Greens espouse the concept.

So is there a point where we’ve lost too much? Or are you happy for economic growth (which is completely predicated on population growth and environmental destruction) to simply push all but a handful of non-domesticated plants and animals to extinction? What goal is the human race currently aiming for? And why the hell aren’t we discussing this publicly?


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